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The Jackson Archtop Archive and Image Gallery, a gallery of US made Custom and Production model Archtop Soloists as well as gallery search, features database, history and evolution.

Submitting a guitar to the gallery? See the following notes or jump to the details HERE.

You may submit as much or little as you would like, but ideally images should include:
Full front and backside, body only front and back, headstock front and back and at least one angled body which gives the arch depth and shows binding if applicable.

Full Front Full Back Body Front Body Back
Headstock Front Headstock Back Angled

They do not have to be pro shots, exact angles or super hi-rez. Any are good as long as the full size image isn't thumbnail size and it's in focus.

Optional shots could include a heel/neck joint, serial/fretboard, inlay if unique, hang tag, whatever.

Neck Heel Serial Number Fretboard Inlay Hang Tag

I will work with whatever you have to offer. The primary goal is obvious, to build a gallery.
Secondary, the details help define the evolution of this model such as body/neck finishes, neck/heel changes, arch styles, production dates (especially after records ceased being logged in 2002), etc...
Third, there is just no cure for this kind of addiction. Gear OCD.

Archive Submission

OK, submission is pretty straight-forward.
Email images and/or descriptions to archtops@jscooper.com and I will integrate them into the site.
Can also send details using the form below and email pics separately.

Do not have pictures but can share info? That is just as useful. Email that info to the address above or simply fill out the form below with any/all info you care to share.

- Your email if you care to be notified of your submission integration
- Serial Number
- Hang Tag Inspection Date
- Soloist, Non-Soloist
- Left/Right Handed
- Arch Style (Soft-Arch, Hard-Arch/SLAT)
- Finish (Trans, Graphic, Solid Color, Burst, etc)
- Body Top if Trans (Flamed, Quilted, Maple, Koa, etc)
- Body Binding (True, Masked, None)
- Neck/Head Binding (Bound, Unbound)
- Number of Frets (22, 24, etc)
- Fretwood (Rosewood, Ebony, Maple, etc)
- Inlays (Fins, Rev Fins, Dot, Piranha, Custom, None, etc)
- Inlay Material (Pearl, Aabalone, etc)
- Logo (Solid White, 3D White, Pearl, Abalone, Hand Painted, etc)
- Headstock Shape (Regular, Reversed, Non-Pointy)
- Headstock Finish (Black, Matches Body)
- Neck Heel (Original, Modern, Scalloped)
- Pickups (H, HH, HS, HSS, HSH, MiniHums, P90)
- Controls (V/T, V/T/?, etc)
- Main Switch (Toggle, Blade, None)
- Mini-Toggles (1, 2, 3, None)
- Bridge (Floyd, JT-6, Stringthru, etc)

Anything you would like to add or simply just to comment.