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The Jackson Archtop Archive and Image Gallery, a gallery of US made Custom and Production model Archtop Soloists as well as gallery search, features database, history and evolution.
Year & Factory Serial Number
1986 San Dimas JA0001-JA0011
1987 Ontario JA0012-JA0036
1988 Ontario JA0037-JA0087
1989 Ontario JA0088-JA0149
1990 Ontario JA0150-JA0169
1991 Ontario JA0170-JA0175
1992 Ontario JA0176-JA0177
1993 Ontario JA0178-JA0179
1994 Ontario JA0180
1995 Ontario End of Series
1996 Ontario None Produced
1997 Ontario None Produced
1998 Ontario None Produced
1999 Ontario JA0182-JA0185
2000 Ontario JA0186-JA0191
2001 Ontario JA0192-JA0194
2002 Ontario ? JA0215-JA0274 ?
2003 Corona ? JA0278-JA0337 ?
2004 Corona ? JA0357-JA0403 ?
2005 Corona ? JA0425-JA0433 ?
2006 Corona ? JA0490 ?
2007 Corona ?
2008 Corona ? JA0508-JA0529 ?
2009 Corona ?
2010 Corona ?

Jackson first produced the Archtop Soloist in 1986 in San Dimas California. Shortly after in 1987, production was moved to an Ontario California facility which continued until a ~5 year production cease from 1994 to 1999.

All Archtops produced were essentially custom shop orders until about 2001 when a trio of production models were introduced. The SLATQH, SLATM and SLAT90. These production models lasted ~5 years before ending, returning the Archtop to a custom shop only option.

In 2003, Fender puchased Jackson/Charvel and moved production to Corona California where it remains today.

Records had been published for all US made Jacksons until 2001. Using the resources in this gallery and other various websites, this information is slowly evolving to fill in the gaps.

2002 and up serials (highlighted) are positioned using hang tag final inspection dates which has the potential to be inaccurate. Regardless, it will help narrow down the manufacturing year.

Inaccuracy example:
JA0384 (April 2004) came before JA0370 (July 2004)