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The Jackson Archtop Archive and Image Gallery, a gallery of US made Custom and Production model Archtop Soloists as well as gallery search, features database, history and evolution.
Neck Heel Evolution

All this information is gathered only from available imagery, serial numbers and dates. There are no facts, just observation. Actual changes may have occured with an earlier guitar, so these details are provided as rough estimates.

Jackson Archtop Original Neck Heel
JA0003 (1986) and the original style heel

With the introducton of the first Archtop in 1986, the neck joint has been pretty much consistent aside from one major change. The original design had a body hump at the heel between the neck pockets. Since the model is considered an Archtop Soloist, this feature is identical on early Soloists as well.

Jackson Archtop Modern Neck Heel
JA0179 (1993) with the modern heel
Jackson Archtop Original Neck Heel
JA0158 (1990) with the original heel

In 1993 and 1994, only 3 Archtops were made before a long 5 year hiatus of no production. Prior to this cease in production, JA0179 (1993) is the earliest known to adopt a new neck heel. JA0159 (1990) still had the hump, so this change could have occured any time between the two. Soloists of the same era surely received this update as well.

Jackson Archtop Modern Neck Heel
JA0186 (2000) with the modern heel

After a long period of no production, the Archtop returned in 1999. Again we see the modern neck heel which has remained the standard thru today. For the most part, Archtops have either one of these two heels. There are exceptions though, and it appears they are specific custom orders and NAMM models.

Jackson Archtop Scalloped Neck Heel
Unknown (2007 model)
Jackson Archtop Scalloped Neck Heel
JA0193 (2001) with scalloped heel

JA0193 was a 2001 NAMM model showcasing the capabilities of the custom shop. It sports a relatively uncommon and heavily scalloped neck heel. A second one showed up in 2007 and appears to have a slightly different carve, but same idea. Only 2 in this gallery have the scalloped heel option.

Jackson Archtop Current Neck Heel
Assumed 2008
Jackson Archtop Original Neck Heel Resurfaces
JA0529 (2008) with the original heel

Back to the original. Since the approximate 90-93 retirement, a late 2008 NAMM Tele Archtop appeared with the original heel. As uncommon as a Tele Archtop is, and confusing for it to be surrounded by Soloists, a similar one from the same timeframe exists but with the modern heel.