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The Jackson Archtop Archive and Image Gallery, a gallery of US made Custom and Production model Archtop Soloists as well as gallery search, features database, history and evolution.

Welcome to the Jackson Archtop Archive

As simple as can be, this is an image gallery and features database of US made Jackson Archtops.
No imports, no Dinkys, nothing except 'JA####' neck-thru models.

Typically this would infer Archtop 'Soloists', but there are a few anomalies which happen to be JA serialed. It is also possible some Archtop Dinkys may have accidentally slipped in as an unidentified due to lack of backside pics showing a bolt-on neck. Hopefully with your help, innacuracies can be corrected.

Currently there are:
16 gallery images representing 10 identified archtops and more than 3 unidentified.

As of mid-2010, there have been at least 600 built since production began in 1986.
It is highly unlikely all will be found and identified, but it has been fun so far.

If you happen to own a US made Jackson Archtop and wouldnt mind adding to the gallery,
even if it already exists and you have more/better images,
be sure to visit the submit page.